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Electronic fuming rod

E7 bomb change atomizer bar

Retail price: ¥299

Product name: wewa atomizing rod for bomb change
Model: e7
Weight: 100 g
Color: rose gold
Cell capacity: 380mAh
Maximum charging current: 700mA
Packing specification :13.7*9.0*2.2cm
Product standard: atomizing rod X1
USB Type-C charging cable X1
Manual X1
    The wewa brand was established in 2012. It is a brand company dedicated to creating global consumer electronic atomizers and other products.
    wewa focuses on the development, design and sales of electronic atomizers. The company has an excellent team and a group of top R&D talents,
    We are committed to building wewa into a brand trusted by customers through leading products, technology and scientific achievements. Create a better life experience for global customers with advanced and high-quality products and considerate service.

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